Event Highlights

What’s happening in Youth Arch recently? Here are some of our event highlights!

Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2018-19 – Visiting the subdivided flats and cubicle apartments

With the assistance of the Society for Community Organization (SoCO), Youth Arch Foundation have arranged 16 HKOSA finalists to visit the subdivided flats and cubicle apartments in Sham Shui Po on 27 June.   Through the visit, the finalists have been so impressed with a better understanding of the living conditions of the grass-roots; and most importantly, it is a good reflection --- appreciate what we have, and care about others in the society

Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2018-19 Orientation Day

On 13 May, the Youth Arch Foundation and the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association co-organized an Orientation for the finalists of “Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2018-19”. The finalists have built good team spirit through completion of different challenging tasks designed by the Hong Kong Outstanding Students’ Association. In addition, the highlight of the Orientation Day was the first meeting for the finalists with their mentors, that kick started the Mentorship Program on one hand, and as a valuable mingling with senior OSArs of various cohorts on the other hand. It is believed that the finalists can learn a lot and be inspired by their mentors in the next few months.