Creating Values for Youth with High Potential

Founded in September 2010 under the Companies Ordinance and exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, the Youth Arch Foundation (YAF) is a charitable organization on youth development run by a group of past winners and finalists of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award. YAF strives to foster youth talents and to encourage youth to contribute to society through active participation in community services.

Our Mission

To recognize and develop youth talents.

To facilitate the youth to interact and learn from each other so as to improve continuously.

To enable youth participation in community services in a sustainable manner.

Our Values

Passion, integrity and a caring heart

in addition to mere skill and competence.

Commitment to serving society

take joy in giving back to society.

Respect for individual differences

be open-minded to political, cultural and other societal issues.

Our Achievement

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