Wendy Lam

Dr. Wendy Lam is an experienced educator. Her expertise is all emcompassing, from the training and development of teachers, parents, adolescents, to young children. She currently is an Education Specialist at A Plus Consulting, focusing on education consultation, teacher training and development, children and adolescent education assessment, counseling and intervention. Wendy is active in community service, helping children with special needs, and their parents. Wendy's latest endeavor is editing books on pedagogy for children learning, and promoting systematic and individualized holistic development programs for children with special learning needs.

Wendy holds a BBA, an MEd and a PhD in Education (graduated with distinction) and has visited schools in the United States and in Italy in her field work. She teaches in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong for Master and Bachelor Degree Programs in Education, Early Childhood Education and Special Education Programs, and is an assessment consultant for the syllabuses.