2 Feb 2015
Winding road following the heart - from architecture to medicine. Dr. Tommy Chan, HKOSA Award Winner (1990)
24 Nov 2014
Make everyone happy - Norris Lam, HKOSA Award Winner (1990)
18 Nov 2014
Youth Arch Foundation congratulate our Honorary Life President Mr. Peter Hung to be awarded the Honorary University Fellowship from The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK)
18 Nov 2014
Announcement: Finalists of "Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2014-15"
14 Sep 2014
Young Ambassador talks sport at UNESCO World Youth Forum in Nanjing - Stephanie Au, HKOSA Award Winner (2008)
28 May 2014
Superdrug hits its half-century in good health - Joey Wat, HKOSA award winner (1988)
24 May 2014
The Outstanding Young Person's Association, Youth Arch Foundation, Education Bureau aim to encourage and develop leadership potential in youth with our "14th Hong Kong Future Leaders Forum and Future Leaders Award Ceremony". Dreams is the underlying desire with our heart and so we can only have goals with our dreams. We can achieve a fruitful life with detailed planning and well execution.
11 May 2014
Add oil (Agent of Change) - Wayne Chau (YAF Board of Director)
1 Apr 2014
Bringing eyesight to Congo as service - Dr. Joyce Samoutou-Wong, HKOSA Award winner (1992)
24 Mar 2014
Let running to exceed running itself - Cheung Leong, HKOSA award winner (1988)
18 Mar 2014
Our family. An energetic student won Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award. (Mingpao News)
22 Jan 2014
Street smart fighter puts smiles back at Superdrug (19 Jan 2014) - Joey Wat, HKOSA award winner (1988)
25 Nov 2013
Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2013-14 Result Announcement of Assessment Camp Candidates
18 Nov 2013
Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award holder Karen Ho is a marthon runner and hiker (Mingpao News)
13 Nov 2013
Board of Director Wayne Chau received prestigious Hong Kong Youth Service Award 2013
1 Nov 2013
Arrangement of Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2013-14 Written Test
16 Sep 2013
Applications for Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2013-14 now open. Please click here for details.
8 Apr 2013
The information of "Summer Service Learning Trip 2013" is now available. Please click here for details.
4 Mar 2013
Our Dreams Club activity page has been updated. Please register to our events ASAP!
22 Feb 2013
Creative Experiential Charity Day - March 9, 2013. REGISTER NOW!
7 Feb 2013
The YAF Bi-monthly newsletter is now available. Click here for more.
2 Dec 2012
The finalists of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2012-13 have been selected. Please click here for more information. We will contact each finalist shortly.
27 Aug 2012
The Youth Arch – OUHK Improvement Scholarship is now open for applications! Starting from Autumn 2012, each year the scholarship will grant HKD 5,000 to 100 eligible students. The Scholarship is open for all OUHK students in distance learning and full-time face-to-face programmes at sub-degree or bachelor’s degree level, with priority given to the recipients of the Youth Arch Student Improvement Award and Lion & Globe Most Improved Student Award, or similar awards presented by other organizations.

For details, please contact OUHK’s Student Affairs Office (Tel: 2768 6636).
18 Jun 2012
The Youth Arch Student Improvement Award 2011-2012 is now open for applications. The deadline is 31 July 2012. Please click here for further details.